About the Group

Altamimi Old Building

The history of the establishment of the Abdulmohsin Al-Tamimi Group dates back to the beginning of the seventies of the last century, when Sheikh Abdulmohsin Al-Harish Al-Tamimi established a specialized group in general contracting and infrastructure works for oil and gas projects, manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, retail, real estate investment and partnerships.

One of the pillars of operating our business is to work in a safe and sound manner, committed to work ethics, to be a source of trust with all those who deal with us, and to maintain business sustainability. The company's growth strategy is based on diversification of activities from the main business in addition to partnerships, acquisitions, acquisition of foreign agencies and distribution contracts. Trade has been strongly present in our culture for more than six decades, allowing us to play a central role in the development of the infrastructure of the Kingdom and today through partnerships and joint ventures, we represent a wide range of companies that provide comprehensive customer-focused solutions across a number of creative sectors.

We make a great effort to achieve the best results in individuals, companies and all services offered by the group. We do this through partnerships with global business leaders, customers, our employees, and our communities. These partnerships enable us to provide the best products and services that not only support the success of individuals and companies, but also the success of Saudi Arabia and beyond. Through our long-standing presence in a full range of sectors, we create an excellent environment between diversity and awareness that qualifies us to be distinguished in achieving business leadership.

Group Philosophy


To be a leading holding company in KSA comprised of sustainable diversified businesses in selected valuable sectors, participating in the economic development of the country.


Our mission is to create sustainable long-term value for all our stakeholders including clients, employees, investors, and the community by nurturing trusted partnerships

Group Values


We adhere to the highest standards of integrity and professional behavior towards our employees, clients and partners.


Integrity is core to our character and we practice the highest ethical standards by honoring our commitments and treating everyone with trust, compassion, and respect


Safety is of paramount importance to us and we ensure the highest standards of safety for our employees, customers and the community


We strive to provide highest quality services and on-time project delivery to ensure maximum customer satisfaction


Our utmost commitment to customers and their needs is the foundation of decades of goodwill and our ever-growing business relationships


Mutual respect, collaboration, and teamwork are the pillars which help us in tackling challenges and unlocking the hidden potential of all individuals

Social Responsibility

Abdul Mohsen Al-Tamimi Group has taken care of social responsibility programs as part of the company's commitment towards the local community by supporting initiatives and programs that serve various needs. The group is aware of the concept of social...

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The Tamimi Holding is committed to run and oversee its businesses in the highest levels of integrity, corporate governance, and management best practices.
Board of Directors devise and implement management policies for operations and client relationships through various committees and executive management and all group employees to follow to the core.

The company implements operational policies and procedures with strong belief of the owners of the importance of utilizing available resources in an efficient, and sustainable manner.

Group Heritage

Group heritage contains a long – established commitment to business excellence in all areas.