Social Responsibility

Abdul Mohsen Al-Tamimi Group has taken care of social responsibility programs as part of the company's commitment towards the local community by supporting initiatives and programs that serve various needs. The group is aware of the concept of social responsibility through its social arm "Abdul Mohsen Al-Tamimi for the community", which represents the solid legacy of the founder of the group.

The group has also been committed since its early years and for more than 60 years in combining business goals and social responsibility, also "Abdul Mohsen Al-Tamimi for the community" practices social responsibility within multiple activities towards society, the economy and the environment to reach our goal of becoming by 2025 one of the best Saudi companies in the field of responsibility Social.

We commit and support the community

Our belief in the great importance as a company that believes in the spirit of social responsibility towards society, we actively participate in corporate initiatives to support social issues through many charitable donations that cover many areas such as health, education, orphan care and building mosques, which contribute to our support to build a brighter future.

We contribute and think about revitalizing the economy

The group plays an important role in revitalizing the local economy and supporting the business community through several programs that support the employment and training of Saudi employees in the group’s business.

We encourage environmental sustainability in doing business

The Group adopts in its business practices environmentally friendly policies, which contribute to the protection of the environment and natural resources in the business sites. We support improving the efficiency of resource use, energy conservation and optimally dealing with the challenges of environmental risks to preserve a better future for future generations.